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Mes-100 is a spray adjuvant developed to maximize the performance of most post-emergent herbicides. This product may be used as a replacement for non-ionic surfactants and crop oil (petroleum oils) in most post-emergence herbicide spray mixes. Packaging: 2 X 2.5...
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Nu-Film-17® is a superior deposition, sticker, and extender adjuvant with non-ionic properties based on proprietary Miller technology containing Pinolene. Packaging: 2.5 Gal Active Ingredient: : Pinene (Diterpene) Polymers, petrolatum, tallow alkyl amines ethoxylated 100% For Use On: Agricultural, Forestry, Ornamental, Industrial Vegetation, Turf and Non-Cropland...
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COHERE is a water dispersible spreader sticker adjuvant. COHERE® is designed to improve the efficacy of many pesticides by increasing the spreading and adhesion of spray deposits on leaf surfaces. Packaging: 2.5 Gal Active Ingredient: Alkanolamide surfactants 90%, and CONSTITUENTS INEFFECTIVE AS...
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Buffer Xtra Strength is a blend of concentrated buffering and conditioning agents designed to adjust the pH of alkaline waters, condition spray water and minimize hydrolysis of pesticides, which tend to decompose in alkaline spray solutions. Packaging: 2.5 Gal Active...
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