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Celsius WG is a postemergent herbicide that provides weed control. Packaging: 10 OZ Active Ingredient: Thiencarbazone-methyl 8.7%, Iodosulfuron-methyl-sodium 1.9%, Dicamba 57.4%, and other ingredients 32% Target Pests: Annual and Perennial broadleaf weeds, and Others (see label for complete list) For Use In: Commercial...
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Corral 2.68G
Corral 2.68G is a long lasting and consistent pre-emergent herbicide that offers a broad spectrum in controlling troublesome weed problems by annual grasses, chickweed and spurge. Packaging: 50 lb bag Active Ingredient: Pendimethalin – 2.68 % Other Ingredient 96.32% Target Pest: Barnyardgrass, crabgrass,...
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Fortress is a pre-emergent herbicide that controls broadleaf weeds. Packaging: 50 lb bag Active Ingredient: Isoxaben – 0.50% Dithiopyr – 0.25% and Other Ingredients 99.25% Target Pests: Aster, bittercress, hairy brassbuttons, carpetweed, chickweed, dandelion, henbit, knotweed, oxalis and Others (see label for complete list)...
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Gemini Granular is a herbicide used for pre-emergent control of listed grasses and broadleaf weeds. Packaging: 50lbs Active Ingredient: Prodiamine- 0.40%, Isoxaben 0.25 Other Ingredients 99.35% Target Pests: Broadleef Weeds: American Burnweed, Black Medic, Buttercup Oxalis, California Burclover, Dogfennel , Florida Betony, False Daisy...
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OH2 is a Pre-emergent herbicide that fights against broadleaf weeds. Packaging: 50 lb bag Active Ingredient: Oxyfluorfen 2%, Pendimethalin 1% and Other Ingredients 97% Target Pests: Broad-leaf and Grassy Weeds and Others (see label for complete list) For Use In: Field Grown and Landscape Ornamentals Manufactured...
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Resolute 65 WG is an effective pre-emergent herbicide for pre-emergent grass and broadleaf weed control Packaging: 5 lbs x 4 Active Ingredient: Prodiamine 65% and Other Ingredients 35.0% Target Pests: Barnyardgrass, Bluegrass, Chickweed, Chickweed, Crabgrass, Crowfootgrass, Cup grass, Foxtails, Goosegrass, Henbit, Itchgrass,...
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Snapshot specialty herbicide offers preemergence control of more than 125 broadleaf and grassy weeds in landscape and nursery setting. Packaging: 50 LB Bag Active Ingredient: Trifluralin 2.0% Isomers 0.5% Other Ingredients 97.5% Target Pests: Broadleaf Weeds and Annual Grasses (See Label for Complete...
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